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Having Issues Losing Weight and Keeping it off?

Have you ever tried to lose weight and try the latest diet only for it not to work or for it to work but after finishing you put back more weight than you lost in the first place? You are definitely not alone in this. If you look at any social media channel you will usually find a load of diet ads pushing the latest fad – from shakes, through to coffee or even cabbage eating or strange vitamin pills. Each ad will have before and after pictures that will encourage you to sign up – but look closely at the before and after pictures. How many of them are faked – from photoshopping through to people holding in their stomachs or wearing different clothes or taking the shots in different light.

Fad diets can be hard as they are a complete change in diet. They are also hard because they enforce the idea that you need no other changes to your way of life apart from the diet change. But even if you do lose weight then as soon as the diet is finished you find that you put back on the weight and often you put on more weight than before. This is because your body is designed to store fats and nutrients and as it thinks you starved it during the diet it is then going to stockpile the fats afterwards.

Is There Another Way to Lose Weight?

Well yes there is. Losing weight or controlling your weight often requires a life change – not only with regards to how you think about food but also how you think about exercise. This is not a fast fad diet but instead a whole change to mindset that will hopefully last your entire life. It also needs to be carried out safely – you don’t want to crash diet. Instead you need to loss weight safely and healthily.

The simple concept behind weight loss is that if you eat the right foods and increase your exercise then you will lost weight. You need to burn off the calories that you take in. It sounds simple in practice but there are so many reasons why this can seem hard. You may love certain types of food that put on weight (I personally love chocolate). But proper nutrition means eating a variety of foods not cutting everything out altogether – just decrease the amount of the ‘bad stuff’.

You may as well want to lose weight for a variety of reasons. You may be finding a lack of energy in your day to day life, you may find that your perfect clothes no longer fit, you may feel unhealthy and out of breath or you just may need to lose a little weight for a special occassion. We are all different and the reasons that we have for losing weight are all different (plus the amounts that we want to lose).

But often there are also multiple reasons why people have put on weight (not including the love of chocolate). Some of these reasons could include:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Comfort eating
  • Depression
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of support
  • Not knowing how to break bad eating habits

And many others.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help

Each client is different – from what has helped cause the weight gain through to how much weight is needed to lose and over what timescales. During our initial consultation we will discuss all of these issues and over our coming sessions we can tailor the sessions to fit you.


Some of the therapies that we do for weight loss include goal setting, self confidence and self esteem building, encouraging motivation, future pacing. We will use a variety of techniques such as hypnotherapy, NLP and cognitive behaviour ideas. You will get support throughout your entire journey and be taught self hypnosis techniques so that you can carry on with the therapy whilst outside of the session. We will really help you to make a positive change.

Our weight loss program is usually carried out over around 6 sessions throughout the year. Each program is tailor made for each client as your achievement goals will be different and everyone has a different lifestyle. The goal is to see long term results which offer a lasting change in habits and lifestyle. We take a lot of information from you to help make this work and the program is not set in stone – we can modify the session content as we go through the program.

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