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Having Issues Quitting Smoking?

Over the last decade or so smoking has become less and less of a social norm, which has resulted in it being banned from enclosed spaces and the age you are allowed to buy cigarettes has increased to 18 in the UK. The cost of cigarettes has also skyrocketed whilst we are also becoming more aware of the impact smoking has on our lives and on our health. But it is still a hard habit to break, not just because of the effect of nicotine but also because our minds have got used to us smoking.

There are a number of aides to now help us stop smoking from nicotine patches to gum but our minds can still over-ride these and we still get those urges to pick up a cigarette. Many people need a bit of extra help to get them over the initial hurdle and the initial pangs that they will feel.

The benefits of stopping smoking are numerous – not just for your health but also for your bank balance. You can get back your life by quitting and get back you health and your wealth.

Why Do You Want to Quit Smoking?

  • You want to feel more in charge of your money (smoking is very expensive)
  • You want to feel fitter and healthier (you may currently feel out of breath a lot)
  • You want to stop smelling of smoke
  • You want to be able to taste properly again (nicotine dampens your sense of taste)

A common misconception to cigarettes is that they help reduce stress and anxiety. But in fact this is not the case as nicotine is actually a stimulant. But over time you mind has made you feel that this is the truth and this is now lodged deep in your subconscious and this untruth needs to be unlearned.

It is never too late to quit smoking and you actually begin to feel the positive effects of quitting much quicker than you can imagine.

Quitting also will have an impact on those around you especially if they are also non smokers. Family and friends will no longer be impacted as well by the smells of smoke and the health dangers of second hand smoke. You can get the help that you need to quit right now.


How Hypnotherapy Can Help

Each client is different – from what has helped cause the weight gain through to how much weight is needed to lose and over what timescales. During our initial consultation we will discuss all of these issues and over our coming sessions we can tailor the sessions to fit you.


We use a number of focussed techniques for helping you to quit smoking. However, you really need to want this to happen and be motivated to make this change to your lifestyle. Our sessions are very intensive and it is helpful if you can list the reasons why you smoke, why you started and why you really want to quit.

This can be used for goal setting and by using a combination of NLP, CBT and hypnosis we will help you to never want to pick up a cigarette ever again. You will quickly see benefits to your health and your bank balance will thank you.

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