Stop Smoking

Are you looking to quit smoking but find that it is actually a hard habit to break?

Are you realising that smoking is affecting your wallet and your bank balance?

Do you see your health and fitness levels dropping?

Hypnotherapy can actually help you to overcome your smoking habit and support you through this time. If you really have the motivation to quit then now is the time to get started. *

Over the last decade or so smoking has become less and less of a social norm, which has resulted in it being banned from enclosed spaces and the age you are allowed to buy cigarettes has increased to 18 in the UK. The cost of cigarettes has also skyrocketed whilst we are also becoming more aware of the impact smoking has on our lives and on our health. But it is still a hard habit to break, not just because of the effect of nicotine but also because our minds have got used to us smoking.

There are a number of aides to now help us stop smoking from nicotine patches to gum but our minds can still over-ride these and we still get those urges to pick up a cigarette. Many people need a bit of extra help to get them over the initial hurdle and the initial pangs that they will feel.

Why Do You Want to Stop Smoking

  • You want to feel more in charge of your money (smoking is very expensive)
  • You want to feel fitter and healthier (you may currently feel out of breath a lot)
  • You want to stop smelling of smoke
  • You want to be able to taste properly again (nicotine dampens your sense of taste)

A common misconception to cigarettes is that they help reduce stress and anxiety. But in fact this is not the case as nicotine is actually a stimulant. But over time you mind has made you feel that this is the truth and this is now lodged deep in your subconscious and this untruth needs to be unlearned.

How We Help You to Stop Smoking

We offer two types of session for those who wish to stop smoking. You can either do an intensive two hour stop smoking session or you can do three one hour sessions. A lot of people find that a one off session is helpful as if you wish to stop smoking then you really have the motivation right there and then. This really does have to be your choice to stop and not someone elses. if you do not have the motivation to stop then the chances of success are very small. 

As with all of our sessions we do offer an initial free consultation where we can discuss any worries or concerns and find out what is motivating you. You can then choose whether to go ahead and if you do whether you want to do the single longer session or the multiple sessions. All of our sessions will use a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and CBP (cognitive behaviour where we challenge the belief system your mind has built up)

If you want to stop smoking now with hypnotherapy then contact us to arrange your consultation.