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Our close relationships are usually built on trust, mutual respect and intimacy. When any one of these deteriorates then it can impact the relationship as a whole. This then leads to one or both partners suffering and the health and well-being of the relationship to be compromised. From this the health and well being of the individuals in the relationship can then start to suffer.

There are many things that can lead to problems within a relationship and some of these factors may be internal and some may be external to the relationship. Inside the relationship there may be issues with intimacy or even betrayal and a breakdown of trust. External issues that may impact the relationship are money worries, stress at work or changes in lifestyle and circumstances. It may also be that one partner suffers jealousy issues or depression or even disappointment in how the relationship is progressing or one partner may be controlling.

Sometimes these issues start to build up and partners do not talk about them. Instead the issue festers away leading to resentment.

How Is Our Relationship Impacted?

Issues that are unresolved can impact our relationships. People do not talk to each other about the issues and feelings they are feeling and instead avoid the topic. This can sometimes be because we do not want confrontation, or to cause an argument, or by not saying what we feel we might believe that we are not hurting someone elses feelings.

However, it is actually healthy to disagree over some issues. After all we do not agree with how other people view topics all the time. What is important however is how we deal with these disagreements and how we respect others point of view or find common ground. By not dealing with these issues over time it becomes more difficult to talk about and leads to unhappiness and resentment.

Relationship issues can take many different forms between couples. There is definitely not a one size fits all as impact can be seen in many different areas and can affect one or both members of the relationship.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help

Relationship counselling can help either one individual in the relationship or both members of the relationship can attend counselling and help at the same time.

Hypnotherapy counselling offers a neutral non-judgemental setting in order to begin talking about issues within a relationship. Sessions can either be individual or for the couple itself. By opening up communication channels to discuss important issues for yourself, your partner will get a better understanding of how you feel.

We can also use a variety of different techniques depending on the issues to further help your relationship. We may use positive visualisations, increasing and improving confidence, reducing stress and anxiety, resolving lifestyle issues and others.

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