We offer a FREE initial 20 minute consultation to all potential new clients. This session allows you to discuss any issues with us and also to decide on the best way forward. There is no obligation to continue therapy with us.

During our initial consultation we will usually discuss how many sessions will usually be required - however, remember one size does not fit all and more or less sessions may be required. Just know that our goal is not to keep you in therapy longer than you actually need. If you then wish to continue with therapy then we have a variety of fee options as follows:

Single Session

£ 65

  • 60 minutes of confidential therapy
  • Hypnosis, NLP or CBP
  • Full understanding of your issues
  • indepth goal setting if required
  • Free MP3 audio for you to take away
3 Session Bundle


  • 3 Full sessions of 60 minutes
  • Hypnosis, NLP and CBP
  • More time to explore issues and resolutions
  • Ongoing support for you
  • Free MP3 audio to take away
Smoking Cessation


  • 90 minutes to 2 hour session
  • Uses a mix of hypnosis and other therapies
  • Highly focused session so you only need one session
  • Follow ups available
  • Free MP3 Audio to take away
Deep Relaxation


  • 45 minute session
  • Designed to be a great relaxing session
  • Use this to try out hypnotherapy before a full session
  • Super relaxing using hypnosis
  • Free MP3 Audio to take away

How Many Sessions Will You Need

As we said there is no one size fits all with any type of therapy. However, we discuss with you all the options available at your free consultation. At this time we will let you know how many sessions are approximately needed for certain issues. (However, you may need less or more). Our goal is for you to achieve your goals and your new way of life with the minimum amount of sessions. As a guideline the following is about the averages required for differing issues:


Session Number

Smoking cessation

Usually 1 intensive session (or 3 when mixed with other issues)

Weight Loss

6 sessions over 12 months


2 - 4 sessions

Anxiety / Stress

3 - 6 sessions


4 - 10 sessions


6 - 12 sessions


10 - 20 sessions