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Is Grief and Loss Impacting Your Life?

It is hard to quantify grief, loss and separation as they impact people in very different ways. However, one thing is common between all of these and it is the sense of ‘loss’ – this is the sense of loss of everything that had come before the event and now its absence creates a negative reaction which can be mild or it can be almost debilitating.

There are a number of factors that can constitute grief and loss:

  • Bereavement – this can be for both humans and for pets
  • Divorce or separation – this can occur even for the person who has made the choice to divorce or separate.
  • Changes to Lifestyle – can be the loss of a job, loss of home for either yourself or significant other.
  • There are also many other factors that can influence our feelings of loss and grief.

People react in many different ways to grief and loss but if you feel that the feelings of loss are crushing you and you can see no end to these feelings then you may need a little extra help during this time.

How Does Grief and Loss Manifest Itself?

The feelings of grief and loss are actually an important part of the healing process and should not really be interupted. However, these feelings might be so intense that you need extra help at this time to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is often said that there are a number of stages to grief and you might see from this that it is normal to feel what you are feeling.

  1. The first stage is usually a state of shock or disbelief on hearing about a loss or death. The gravity of the situation might not even register at this stage and you may try and disregard the facts or even try and disprove the facts.
  2. After this a person undergoes denial which often lasts only a short period of time. It may be that you do not accept the realities of the situation.
  3. This can then lead to a bargaining stage. Maybe you say something like, ‘if only we hadn’t argued’ or ‘take someone else’. It is a form of trying to turn the clock back.
  4. Guilt then usually takes place.
  5. Then anger and it is at this stage that the grief process starts to manifest itself – until this stage emotions are really felt inside oneself.
  6. Depressions is then a frequent occurrence and may also occur during other stages as well. It can at this stage also feel like there is no end in sight.
  7. Finally when realities have started setting in we finally get to the stage of acceptance and hope. This is the moment when the grief process starts moving towards its conclusion.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help

Whilst the grief process is a natural healing process which needs to occur, hypnotherapy can help and support you during this time.

Grief is a process and it is a process that we do need to go through, ignoring a stage might actually make the grief worse so it is best to help you to come to terms with what you are experiencing and help you through the process.

Hypnosis can actually help you in some of the following ways:

  • Help you achieve a peaceful and relaxed state where you can relax from your grief
  • Help reduce the debilitating nature of the grief
  • Help you look after yourself
  • Enjoy your memories without them negatively impacting you
  • Help to reduce the feelings of guilt and move on with your life
  • Help you to grieve at your own pace

A variation of techniques can help provide you with the relaxation, to let go of the past and to help you say ‘goodbye’ to a loved one as well as other useful visualisation techniques.

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