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Feel Stressed and Anxious all the time?

Most of us at some time in our lives have encountered some form of anxiety and stress. It is often quite normal in certain situations when we feel that we may have something important to do. However, sometimes anxiety can become more severe and it starts to impact your day to day life.

You may suffer from an increased heart rate, shortness of breath when you become anxious and then these symptoms pass over until the next time. Or you may find that you get panic attacks, feel that you are going to be sick or faint and then stop going to social events or seeing friends as you are struggling with going out. This then really starts to impact your life.

Anxiety itself (and stress) can be at the root of many different disorders. We may think that we are suffering with a phobia such as claustrophobia but at the root of the phobia is anxiety. Other forms of anxiety can be seen as:

  • Phobias – there are many phobias often with a specific cause but usually people cannot control the anxiety that comes with them.
  • Social Anxiety Disorder – 
  • PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • OCD

Why Do We Get Stressed and Anxious?

Anxiety and stress is actually a natural bodily response to a situation – called the ‘flight or fight’ response. If your mind perceives a threat then your body will naturally prepare you to either run or fight. What happens is that the human body decides whether a situation is stressful (such as coming across a large, dangerous animal) and this is based upon a number of factors such as sensory inputs (which can be what we hear, what we see or smell in this circumstance) and whether we have a stored memory of this situation happening before. The thalamus in the brain collects all of these sensory inputs and then passes to the amygdala which attaches any emotional content to these experiences. If the brain then judges the situation to be stressful then the hypothalamus is activated and this is in charge of the stress response.

When this flight or fight response is activated a number of stress hormones are released and we have the urge to either flee or confront whatever is the stressor. Our field of focus also reduces so that the stressor becomes the main focal point of our brain and any other stimuli are reduced (for example the peripherals of our vision becomes more unfocused as we focus on the target causing the stress)

At this point feelings of anxiety are automatically triggered within the brain on a subconscious level and our breathing becomes shallower with an increased heart rate. This is because our brain is helping our bodies get ready to run as the increase in heart rate pumps more oxygen into our arms and legs. This also results in the shut down and restriction of non-essential blood vessels which results in reduced bleeding if we are cut. We then also have another set of hormones released, the endorphins which then act as a natural pain suppressant and they also mop up the adrenalin, noradrenalin and cortisol when the body and brain feel that they have reached safety.

So all of this happens during the flight and fight response (usually flight) and is a natural function of the body and mind. However in the case of stress this flight or fight response is being triggered as the mind and body cannot distinguish between a real threat and a perceived threat and therefore the mind reacts as if this is a very real threat and so all the feelings of anxiety, increased heart rate and release of hormones all occur.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help

Build your self confidence and improve your self esteem.

My hypnotherapy for anxiety sessions are held in a relaxed and comfortable environment either online or at my treatment rooms and you are in the driving seat as the sessions are tailored to fit you. We use a lot of conversational techniques with anxiety and stress as we like to find out when these issues manifested themselves, how they impact your life, what effects you feel when you become anxious and stressed and what can also trigger these feelings. 

From this we will use a variety of techniques to help you with your anxiety and stress. You will learn relaxation techniques, self hypnosis, positive reinforcements using both hypnotherapy and NLP. If you have been living with anxiety and stress for a long time then help is at hand and you do not need to keep going through life with these fears and symptoms.

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